An Introduction to iVANKY and iVANKY Cables

An Introduction to iVANKY and iVANKY Cables

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  • Description 4K Uni-Directional DisplayPort to HDMI Cable, USB 3.2 Gen x2 Type-C Cable - Braided Nylon - 100W
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Want to find out about iVANKY Cables? You are in the right place.

One of the most common societal problems in today’s modern world is having to decide. Regardless of the goal and purpose, we would always have to make up our minds. 

Most often than not, deciding will always involve options. An undetermined factor can either be an advantage or disadvantage to a person. 

Being presented with choices is a good thing as it opens doors for opportunities; however, some are pulled aback by this idea. The more options, the more complicated and longer it takes to reach a decision. 

This scenario is very evident in the business industry, especially in the world of commerce in the electronic sector. 

Technologies are complex, considering how they are made and structured. The different electronic component manufacturers invest hard work, time, and dedication from conceptualizing the innovation to producing an efficient and safe product. 

Once a product is available in the market, the battle begins among direct and indirect competitors, just like the globally recognized iVANKY brand for cables. 

Some Facts About iVANKY

If you have observed, there is not much information about the company, yet it is impressively one of the leading brands of high-quality and affordable electronic cables today. 

iVANKY VESA certified, iVANKY 4k HDMI cable, and iVANKY DisplayPort cable are just some of the results we receive when we search the brand online. We guarantee that all of these will be clear once you reach the end of this article. 

For now, allow us to introduce the brand.

iVANKY was founded in 2016 as a trademark brand of SHENZHEN VELOCITY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. The same corporation that owns RAMPOW, an electronic company that started in 2015 and focuses on smartphone accessories. 

In just five years of providing HDMI cable that supports 18 Gbps, HDMI 2.1 cable, and other iVANKY cables,the brand managed to establish its name in the market immediately.

Although iVANKY is often correlated with the most prominent online e-commerce platform, Amazon. It’s not merely due to Amazon’s good reputation, but rather, it is because of iVANKY’s company information that can only be obtained through strenuous online research. 

Regardless of this limited brand information access, it is not only a top consumer choice but also by iVANKY authorized dealers. 

It started as an online electronic cable brand and paved the way for other channels. It has already served more than 12 million customers in 14 countries & regions. 

From here, you would likely be starting to get convinced of having the iVANKY cables on your next purchase. However, we suggest that you still be quite uncertain to drive your curiosity continuously. 

There are more in store for you in the preceding sections of this article. But first, we will let you discover more about the brand by enumerating why iVANKY is the best cable brand in the market.

The iVANKY Cables Quality

Before justifying the different product offers and categories of iVANKY cables, we should start with the general aspect. We are referring to why the brand is gaining trust and keeping the loyalty of consumers. 

It is the backbone of iVANKY’s proven Quality and brand strength. This is the globally recognized certification for DisplayHDR Quality, VESA. 

What Is VESA?

So what is the value of iVANKY VESA certified products?

We will help you understand by first defining what VESA stands for. It is the acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association, an international nonprofit corporation. VESA is represented by 300 corporate voting members worldwide for choosing its respective board of directors. 

This corporation promotes, develops, and supports the entire display industry. All of this is made possible by setting the industry standards classified into two: member exclusives and free standards on the company website.

Member Exclusive VESA standards are available for qualified applicants, enjoying various benefits such as ‘free of charge certifications’ and equal access to proposals and draft specifications through weekly meetings

On the other hand, Free Standards are provided through the VESA website in downloadable PDF documents requiring prior registration.

VESA Standards and Specifications

There are three sets of VESA standards and specifications. All of these are listed and thoroughly explained in the following list.


Also known as the ‘De Facto’ global standard for electronic devices that use single-cable technologies, including Thunderbolt and USB4 support DisplayPort. 

Such technologies include embedded displays, PC monitors, high-performing PC graphic cards, mobile devices, and notebooks. 

A DisplayPort has an exclusive ‘Ultimate ALT-Mode’ that changes the USB-C connector once a monitor or dock connection has been detected. This feature eliminates the need for another power charger or USB-only device. 

In addition, a DisplayPort enables USB4 and Thunderbolt to have video capabilities.

“The Higher Standard For HDR Monitors” is what this VESA specification is often regarded as. It offers incredible HDR Displays new performance levels, the DisplayHDR, and the DisplayHDR True Black specification.  

These specifications provide a vivid and life-natural display appearance by reproducing accurate color and contrast. 

VESA’s multi-tiered logo system and performance ratings will guarantee meaningful and visible DisplayHDR regardless of the application and environment.

Display Compression Codecs

Last but not least is 2014’s exceptional industry standard for Display Stream Compression (DSC). It is the first to offer a low complexity and low latency codec specifically designed for this purpose. 

One of the best features of this VESA standard is its ability to perform well on a wide variety of displays and applications. This includes Wide Color Gamut & HDR, embedded displays for mobile computing, automotive applications, and artificial & virtual reality headsets.

In addition, every VESA DSC can incredibly provide a visually lossless and efficiently compress any professional or consumer product.

iVANKY Cables Top Review 

Now, we will feature the protagonists of your next electronic purchase, which are the top products of iVANKY cables. First, we will present the top 3 iVANKY product collections: the iVANKY 4K HDMI Cable, the iVANKY DisplayPort Cable, and the iVANKY Audio Cable. 


This very first is an iVANKY 4K HDMI Cable review that will provide a general abstract of the different kinds. 

There are a total of 9 iVANKY 4K HDMI Cable which are as follows:

Among the list, the consumer’s favorites are the 4K USB-C to HDMI Adapter and the 4K Active DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

One of the best characteristics of this iVANKY 4K HDMI Cable collection is its Practical Length. There are many size variations, such as the HDMI 2.1 cable, yet still, promote a clean workspace environment. They are perfect for connecting an HDMI-enabled laptop directly to an HDMI splitter or switch. 

This iVANKY collection includes the HDMI cable that supports 18gbps. This High-Speed Data Capacity explains why the HDMI 2.1 cable and other leading iVANKY HDMI cables are a top industry choice.

The iVANKY DisplayPort cable has a latch-free design that allows it to easily plug, unplug, and hold up to 10,000 wires/cables. 

It has a silver-plated wire that reduces the possible loss of signal while increasing the transmission’s stability. 

In addition, this iVANKY DisplayPort cable also has a 28 AWG Tinned Copper, eliminating the flicker and black screen for a comfortable gaming taste. 

iVANKY cables authorized dealers offer two kinds of audio cable, the AUX Cable iVANKY and the iVANKY Nylon Braided AUX cable. 

Superior Audio Quality: A feature that not only the brand claims but also by first-hand users. These iVANKY audio cables have oxygen-free copper that brings out its crystal clear sound and eliminates noise interferences. In addition, these connectors are less prone to tarnish due to their gold-plated parts

All iVANKY Audio Cables have an Ultra Durability characteristic despite their material difference. Every piece has undergone bend, plug, and unplug tests before its availability in the market. 

These audio cable types are universally compatible if the audio device has the standard 3.5 mm audio jack or AUX in-port.

iVANKY Cables Authorized Dealers Near Me

All of the iVANKY VESA certified products are exclusively available across the globe through multiple distributors. 

Wherever you are located globally, BD Electronics, an iVANKY cables authorized dealer, will be able to satisfy and provide all of your cable requirements. The iVANKY cables available with BD include a variety, such as an HDMI cable that supports 18gbps or an HDMI 2.1 cable. 

Aside from the array of iVANKY cables to choose from, you are free to select your dealer. BD Electronics Ltd is just an option for you to consider, primarily if you reside in Europe and may need an immediate cable supply and assistance.


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