The Best Off-grid Power Solution
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The Best Off-grid Power Solution

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Global Power Technologies (GPT) is the worldwide leader in remote power for industrial applications. GPT is the top energy conversion producer and distributor (TEGs). These ultra-reliable remote generators are distinguished by their solid-state construction (no moving parts), which enables them to function in the most challenging settings on the planet.

GPT has its origins in the first TEG ever designed to supply electricity on the moon for a NASA space mission!

GPT also offers a solar remote power solution that incorporates photovoltaics with thermoelectric backup to reach levels of system availability that would otherwise be unattainable.

GPT products are widely utilized in oil and gas, telecommunications, security, and military applications. Since 1975, the firm has deployed over 25,000 remote power grids in 55 countries worldwide.

GPT is the global leader in remote power, specializing in high-reliability solutions for remote industrial settings such as wellhead automation, SCADA, valve automation, communications, corrosion protection, and navigation systems. The company’s primary focus has always been on various oil and gas applications, such as gas wells, offshore drilling platforms, and pipelines.

Global Power Technologies’ Product Quality

Global Power Technologies (GPT) is the world leader in the development, production, and marketing of Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs), which provide the most dependable source of unattended off-grid power available today.

TEGs have a solid-state construction (no moving components) and are designed to function in the harshest settings on the planet. They can deliver power ranging from 5W to 500W and can be combined to provide greater control in multi-TEG modular systems. TEGs are available from GPT for general area and severe site activities.

TEGs, originally built to power the Apollo space program in 1975, have evolved over the last 40 years and now use cutting-edge components and are supported by the most dedicated service department in the remote power business. TEGs are meant to require minimum yearly maintenance and have a longevity of 20 years or more due to their distant off-grid usage.

Global Power Technologies Product Categories

Thermoelectric generators (TEG)

A thermoelectric generator (TEG), also known as a Seebeck generator, is a solid-state device that effectively transforms heat flux (temperature differential) into electric power via the Thermoelectric effect[1] (a form of thermoelectric effect). Thermoelectric generators work similarly to heat engines but are smaller and have no mechanical components.

A thermoelectric generator is designed to turn heat directly into electricity and has no moving components. Instead, the heat from a gas burner generates an electrical current to travel via a thermoelectric module.

Individual generators from Global Power Technologies vary in output channels from 15 to 550 Watts and are suited for distant power applications which require up to 5,000 Watts.

M-Series Power Generators

M-Series prime power generators deliver dependable, uninterrupted, and efficient electricity with the most effective generation technology selected for off-grid applications.

These systems are usually intended for above 500W and up to 5kW; however various applications up to 35kW can be developed.

M-Series systems are commonly used for uninterrupted generation; GlobalCharge systems can be used for multiple generating and battery bank cycle operations.

Instrument Air Systems

In some cases, clients transition from hydraulic to electric valves, and GPT may work with TEGs or M-Series generators to give stable power to these devices.

In other circumstances, clients desire to keep their pneumatic equipment reliable in the field. Therefore, compressed instrument air is the best alternative for replacing instrument gas. GPT’s EZ-Air systems are a tried-and-true option for compact Instrument Air, and they can be used with M-Series generators.

Solar Hybrid

TEG and M-Series Generators are the ideal complements to solar (PV) power systems.

Solar-only systems confront issues such as daily sunshine access, severe temperatures, seasonal shadowing, and debris-covered solar panels (snow, soil, sand, and so on). When solar electricity is combined with a TEG or M-Series generator, the result is the most efficient off-grid power solution on the market today.


GlobalCharge is supposed to save tanked gasoline by decreasing refueling visits to once per year with loads up to 5kW. GlobalCharge is the most cost-effective, reliable, and durable source of prime power, with low yearly maintenance and the flexibility to combine with solar systems.

GlobalCharge can run on almost any tanked fuel, including diesel, LPG, and natural gas. For a perfect match to site needs, GPT enables comprehensive customization and inclusion of site equipment within a single container/skid.

Most asked Questions about Global Power Technologies

1. How much power do I need?

Global Power Technologies may assist with the design of off-grid electrical systems. An optimal remote system will provide the highest power dependability level while considering customer goals such as cost, efficiency, maintenance, and expandability. Peak vs. nominal power load, present vs. future power requirements, fuel availability and access, backup power requirements, efficiency, and emissions targets should all be considered by system designers.

2. How loud is TEG?

TEGs are exceptionally silent compared to most other power production solutions since there are no moving parts. As a result, the generator’s only noise source is the fuel burner.

3. Can more power be obtained by adding more TEGs?

Yes. Just connect more TEGs in parallel to your location to boost available power.

4. Can I add a TEG to my current solar site?

Solar-only installations fail due to inclement weather, insufficient daily sunshine, or a failed battery backup. However, TEGs are the ideal complement to solar (PV), resulting in today’s market’s most dependable off-grid power source. When sunlight is absent, the TEG automatically turns on, supplanting solar power output. The TEG charges the batteries, provides constant power, and allows the solar to take over when conditions improve.

Solar power and any other component necessary to achieve optimal power production and fuel consumption can be added to the current TEG site.

5. How can the TEG cope with freezing temperatures?

TEGs can be maintained, started, and operated successfully at temperatures ranging from -40C to +55C due to their solid-state construction (no moving components).


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